Why can’t I see a custom report I’ve added to a profile?


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


A custom report is added to a profile and the profile is analyzed. When viewing the profile, the recently-added custom report does not appear among the reports.


There are two possible causes for this issue. The first is that the custom report may not have been added to a valid template. Templates are what the user interface uses to draw the table of contents in the lower left area of the screen when viewing reports for profile. If a custom report is added to a profile, and the profile is then analyzed, tables will be created in the report database for that data but it will not be visible because the assigned template does not know to display it. To add a report to a template, perform the steps below:

1. In the Webtrends user inteface, navigate to Administration > Report Designer > Templates.

2. Select a template to edit it.

3. Select the Content tab.

4. Select Add Report. A drop-down menu displays.

5. Select “Custom Report Library (alphabetically).”

6. Check the box next to the name of the custom report(s) to be added, then click “Done” when finished.

7. Use the “Move Up” and “Move Down” buttons to position the report to the desired location in the profile contents.

8. Click “Save” to save the changes. The custom report will now be visible among the other reports after analysis.

The second cause for custom reports not appearing is when the report has been added to the profile, the template, and analysis completed successfully but no matching log data is present to populate the report. A custom report will not be visible on a profile until at least one line of valid report data is available, as the engine will not create tables for reports that don’t have any data. Attempt to analyze a log that has valid report data in it. If it still doesn’t populate, confirm that no filters are present globally, on the profile or on the report that may be preventing the data from populating.