What might cause translation files to fail?


Webtrends Analytics 9.x


Webtrends Analytics allows for the use of translation files. If the files don’t work properly, please check for the following:
– Empty or corrupt files
An incorrect/inconsistent number of fields per line
Unclosed quotes
Invalid headers
Incorrect encoding
No newline before EOF


To minimize the chance a translation file fails validation, ensure the following conditions are met:
The translation file must have a header and each line in the file must have the same number of fields as the header. If quotation marks are used they must be used in pairs to open and close the content in each field.
Translation files must be encoded in UTF-8 format.
Translation files must end with a newline character (CR/LF). This can be achieved by hitting Enter after the last line of the translation file.
Translation files exported from Excel will automatically end in a newline character.

Note: Excel will not automatically expand the number of comma-delimited fields on any line to the correct number of fields if those fields are blank. To ensure Excel keeps the correct number of fields when saving a file in .csv format, add a final column called “END” (or something similar), then populate the column with any character (such as an asterisk) for each row on the file. Regardless of how many other columns in a given row are blank, Excel will insert blank fields to ensure that the final field is aligned properly with the header.