Tracking PDF document downloads for Webtrends Analytics


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


How to track PDF document downloads for Webtrends Analytics log files since PDF documents can?t contain javascript tags.


Tag Builder will track all of your document downloads including PDF documents. Tag Builder has dcs multitrack for document tracking built into it. To create your HTML tag and Webtrends javascript file for your web site follow the instructions below:

1.Go to tagbuilder.webtrends.com.

2.Complete the appropriate information on tagbuilder.webtrends.com for your web site.

3.Click on Event Tracking under Additional Options.

4. Click the check box for “Download links for these file types”.

5.PDF is already listed in the file types input box, add any other document types you want to track.

6.Add additional options for Tag Builder as needed and click the Build Tag button.

7.Deploy Tag Builder to your website as described in the readme found in the .zip file downloaded after clicking on the Build Tag button.

8.Finally, edit your profile in the Webtrends user interface and mouse over the Analysis tab and click on Download Definitions and make sure the radio button for Webtrends parameter (WT.dl) is selected.