The Pages report does not show dynamic content or query strings in the URL


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


The default configuration of Webtrends profiles is set to exclude all query parameters. If your web site uses dynamic URLs then the individual pages will not be listed separately by default. For example, if you had the following URL:


The Pages report will show the following:



In order to show the query string in the pages reports we can set up URL Rebuilding definitions and add those to the reports.

1. In the Administration menu go to Web Analysis|Option|URL Rebuilding and click on New to create a newURL Rebuildingdefinition.
2. In the URL Rebuilding definition wizard, provide a name for the definition and click on New to specify the parameter(s) to display in the Pages report. If you want to specify multiple parameters, separate them using commas.
3. Click Done and then Save to save the URL Rebuilding definition.
4. Go to Web Analysis|Reports and Profiles then edit the profile.
5. Under the Advanced tab select URL Rebuilding.
6. Uncheck the option to Always Use Default Definition
7. Select the URL Rebuilding definition that was created and save the profile.

The changes will take effect on the next analysis cycle and will only affect data analyzed after the change was made. In order to apply the changes to historical data would require replaying the profile.

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