Procedure for enabling all profiles


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


To enable profile analysis for all profiles after a system shutdown or other event that has disabled all profiles, perform the steps below.


1) Stop all Webtrends services except for the system database (either Webtrends – MySQL or SQL Server if the system database is installed in SQL),
2) Open a command prompt
3) Change to the “\Webtrends\modules\analysis” directory,
4) Type in the following, and then press Enter:
SystemShutdown.exe mode=start

The UI services should now start back up and the profiles will all be enabled. You will have start your additional services such as Geotrends and System Monitor which can be done through the UI. The Scheduler Agent must be started manually.

Alternatively, run the following process:

Use an Epoch time converter to convert a recent date to reflect only recently active profiles. Use this date in the”WHERE [TimeStamp] >” line.


Then use the epoch date in the following query:

UPDATE [wt_sched].[dbo].[WT_Event]
SET [IsEventDisabled] = 0
WHERE [Description] IN (

FROM [wt_sched].[dbo].[WT_EventStatus]
WHERE [TimeStamp] >1275187800

More Information

It is better to back up the system database before using the system restart feature. However, given that the client can see the system restart feature, they may use it on their own.