Measuring dwell time


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


Dwell Time is a measurement of ad engagement.

Dwell is a term used by some companies as the view time for an ad or other media such as a video. It is how long the specific item is viewed by a visitor. Longer view times relate to increased customer product interest and more likely conversion (sales).


Dwell is the measurement from the point the item is available for viewingto the visitor closing or moving to the next page. In items that are not a standard page view a dcsMultiTrack call can be implemented to start the view and end it. The specific technique depends on the technology of how the item is delivered.


  • HTML page: View time is available as a page measurement using standard tags.
  • Flash/Silverlight video: integrate tracking into application to measure percent of video viewed.
  • Popup: include dcsMultiTrack calls into popup opening and close to measure open time.

Dwell is not an effective measurement for items that the user does not interact with to start viewing. If you have a banner ad on a page there is no effective method of measuring if the visitor is viewing that ad or other content on the page. Items that do not have a next page or close event will not have a view time (e.g., single page visits).

A ?Dwell Score? is an extension of Dwell Time. Dwell Score is:

Average view time for item X The percent users viewing the item

This can be implemented as two standard measurements, view time and % of visits, along with a calculated measure.

Further information:
See dcsMultiTrack documentation on how to implement in-code event calls.