Integrate the iOS SDK without Cocoapods.


Webtrends Analytics 9.x


At this time, Webtrends plans to release future updates and changes using the public repo and CocoaPods. It is recommended that for easier integration, consider utilizing CocoaPods in future updates.


If not using CocoaPods:

Download the WebtrendsSDK is available to download from https://github.com/webtrends/ios-sdk.

Add the following frameworks to the project:

  • Foundation
  • UIKit
  • CoreData
  • SystemConfiguration
  • Security
  • CoreTelephony

As well as the following dynamic libraries:
  • libZ
  • libSqlite3

Grab wtdb.sqlite from the downloaded repository and add this to the project

Create a new Property List file called webtrends.plist and add, at minimum, a property called wt_dc_dcsid with the value of your DCSID.

If using Swift:
Create Bridging-Header.h file and add the following to it
@import Foundation;
#import “WebtrendsSDK.h”

If not using Swift:
You will need to manually add the following import statement to your header files where you intend to use Webtrends:
#import “WebtrendsSDK.h”

Under Build Phases
Add the libWebtrendsSDK.a to Link Binary with Libraries

Under Build Settings
Set Header Search Paths to include the path where you have the WebtrendsSDK.h file
Set Library Search Paths to include the path where you have the libWebtrendsSDK.a file
Add -ObjC under Other Linker Flags in Build Settings