HTTP analysis utilities show some query parameters attached to the dcsqry parameter while others display as individual parameters


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


While using HTTP analysis utilities , you notice a parameter being passed that shows dcsqry followed by the query parameters that appeared in the Address bar of the web page. This parameter is listed separately from Webtrends query parameter name/value pairs.


The Webtrends Java Tag reads the Address bar of the browser to pull information about the page being viewed. Part of that information is the query stem. The Webtrends Java Tag assigns this string of information to the query parameter name dcsqry.

So the following address bar information:

will appear as:
dcssip www.test.com
dcsuri /test.htm
dcsqry ?name1=1&name2=2

Once received by the data collectors, the data is processed and will be included in the cs-uri-query column of the log file, along with the rest of the query parameters collected by the tag. Dcsqry is removed and the parameters appear in their original form.


The rest of the query parameters you see are collected by other functions of the java tag that collect data from the page in other ways and will have prefixes of DCS, WT or DCSext.