How to view the event queue for the iOS SDK


Webtrends iOS SDK


As part of development or troubleshooting, it may be useful to access the event queue for the iOS SDK. This can be done with a Mac that has XCode installed with the iOS Simulator, Firefix, and the Firefox addon, SQLite Manager. Once these are installed, one additional one time step needs to be performed:

1. Open Terminal
2. Type “/usr/bin/chflags nohidden ~/Library”
3. Press Return
4. Close the terminal

To view the event queue from then on, is relatively simple.

1. Disconnect the Mac from all networks so data stays in the queue
2. Open the app XCode and run it using the iOS simulator. Note the iOS version being used
3. Open Firefox and select Tools > SQLite Manager
4. Click the open icon and navigate to the user folder and then Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator
5. Navigate to the iOS version the iPhone simulator is being run under
6. Navigate to Applications and select the app (most likely there is only one)
7. Within the app’s folder, navigate into the Library/Caches folder and click on Webtrends.sqlite
8. Click Open
9. Review the events stored in the ZWTDCEVENT table

More Information

The path to the Webtrends.sqlite database follows this pattern:

/Users//Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator//Applications//Library/Caches/Webtrends.sqlite

For example:

/Users/nicholasj/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/6.1/Applications/B1F5598D-E744-4032-818A-344C5DE9B0E2/Library/Caches/Webtrends.sqlite