How to use Fiddler to monitor iPhone traffic


Webtrends Analytics 9.x


You need to test or monitor a mobile application to ensure it is sending traffic to the Webtrends Data Collector API (DC API).


You can use Fiddler to monitor the data your mobile application is sending. Fiddler can be downloaded from the following URL:


After installing Fiddler, configure it by performing the following steps:
1.Go to Tools > Fiddler Options

2. Click on the General tab and check the option for Allow remote computers to connect

3. Click on the Connections tab, check Act as system proxy on startup. Make note of the port on which Fiddler is listening (i.e. 8080).

4. Restart Fiddler, verify that Capture Traffic is ticked in the File menu.
Obtain your workstation’s IP address.

1. Click Start > Run – type ‘cmd’ > click ‘OK’

2. Type ipconfig and press [Enter]

3. Make note of your workstation’s IP address.

4. Type exit and press [Enter] to leave the command prompt.
To setup your mobile device:

1. Go to your device’s Wireless Network Settings.

2. Choose manual HTTP Proxy.

3. Use your workstation’s IP address for the proxy server address.

4. Use the port on which Fiddler is configured to listen to as the proxy server port.
You can now monitor the requests your mobile device makes.

More Information

This requires that you have a wireless network available to which your mobile device can connect. For testing DCAPI requests to Webtrends On Demand, ensure that your app makes HTTP requests, not HTTPS.