How to set up ad tracking for dynamic on-site ads


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


Tracking dynamic advertisements makes manual tagging impractical.


Content of this nature requires a custom solution, and can be accomplished using the SmartSource Data Collector (SDC) in conjunction with the Webtrends JavaScript tag, which can be generated from the following site:


Assuming the SDC is working and the site is tagged, the dynamic content in question must also be tagged as it is generated. Consult your site developers regarding methods to add a value to the page meta tags for the ad display, and attach a WT.ac value to the href of the link in order to track the ad click event.

If it is not possible to populate this information when serving the page, an onClick or onMouseDown event to the link on the image will call a custom function that determines the image name based on the event caller and use this information in a dcsMultiTrack call. This method will not record the WT.ad value for the ad view, resulting in the number of clicks for an ad, but no click-through rate.

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