How to prevent your index page from creating two separate rows


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


You show two entries for your index page, one with no file name and one with the file name. For example:
How this appears in Webtrends is determined by how this page appears in the address bar of the browser. You can try to prevent this by leaving the index file name off of your links such as “example.com/abc.”


To ensure this doesn’t happen in your reports, you can create a URL Search And Replace definition to strip out the index page file name from the URL. Then you would apply this to your profile. Optionally, you can create set it to be applied globally to ensure you don’t forget to apply it when creating new profiles.
Below are the steps you would use to remove “/index.html” from example.com/abc/index.html.
1 > In your Webtrends UI, navigate to Web Analysis > Report Configuration > URL Search/Replace and click New
2 > Enter a descriptive name
3 > Select the following configuration:
a > In “Replace From”, select “Start of last”
b > Below “Replace From”, enter “/index.html”
c > In “Up To” select “Start of next”
d > Check “Replace to ‘End of String’ if pattern is not found’
e > Under the above check box, enter “?” so any query strings are retained
f > Leave “With” blank
g > Check “Perform replacement only if the URL contains”
h > Below the above check box, enter “index.html”
4 > Now, in the test area, enter the URL you want to test. In our case, this will be “example.com/abc/index.html”
5 > Click the Test button to see the resulting URL and what was replaced
6 > If you want to automatically include this on all profiles, check “Global: Include in all profiles”
7 > Click Save once satisfied
To add this to a profile, you will want to edit the profile and select URL Search And Replace under Advanced. Check the box in the Enabled column to the left of the URL Search And Replace definition you created and click Save.
In the above example, if you needed to leave the trailing slash on the URL, simply exclude it from the text box below “Replace From,” such as “index.html.”
Please note that this can increase your analysis time as well as the memory usage of your analysis as this is an additional task that Webtrends is performing before analyzing the data.