How to Determine Entry Page and Referrer for Conversions


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


You want to determine the entry page and referrer for visits that convert, without defining Campaigns or configuring WT.mc_id.


Create a custom report filter which includes only visits where the conversion pages were viewed, then apply it to a custom report withEntry page and Referrerdimensions.You must have custom reports available in order to implement this solution.

1. Create a custom report filter for visits. Add a Match Criteria to Filter On “URL Viewed in Visit”. In the Page Expression text box, enter the conversion page URL (excluding the domain). For example, to specify www.webtrends.com/site_download/download.htm as the conversion page, type /site_download/download.htm.

2. Create a new custom report. Set Entry page as the primary dimension and Referring Page (or Referring Site or Referring Domain) as the secondary dimension. For measures, you are probably going to want to use Visits as this will give you the number of visits using each entry page/referrer combination. Add the filter you just created to the custom report as an Include filter.

3. Add the new report to a Profile and any applicable Templates.

More Information

Use the Initial Referrers report to determine the original referrer for conversions which occurred on return visits.