How to create custom query parameters with DCSext


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


The Webtrends tag scans the source code of the page for META tags looking for known Webtrends query parameters to add to the data. By default, Webtrends only recognizes the native, reserved query parameters prefixed by the namespace separators “WT.” and “DCS.” and followed by their specific parameter name, examples being WT.ti and DCS.dcsuri.

The DCSext namespace separator is an exception to the above rule. DCSext, followed by the attribute separator (.) and a parameter name, will be collected in addition to native parameters. DCSext is case sensitive.


Webtrends will read this and add “custom=test” to the query parameters it collects, dropping the DCSext. prefix.

It will then appear in the log file with the other query parameters as follows:


The custom query parameter will then be available for use in custom reports, parameter analysis and anywhere else parameter data can be applied.