How to change the default DSN settings for the ODBC driver


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


The Host/Server Name, Port, or Account Name for new ODBC DSNs has changed, but the defaults do not change when creating a new DSN.


Edit the system registry and navigate to the following key:


Change the following to modify the defaults for a new DSN:
  • AccountDefault – The account name for Webtrends On Demand. This should be “1” for software customers.
  • PortDefault – For Webtrends On Demand customers this should be 80 for the standard port or 443 for SSL. For software customers this will be the port the Webtrends server uses for the user interface (7099 by default).
  • SSLDefault – Set to “true” to have the “Enable SSL” check box checked. Set to “false” to have it unchecked.
  • For software customers this will be the server name of the Webtrends server.