How does the Webtrends JavaScript tag parse meta tags on a page?


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


Parameters and values passed with meta tags on the page are needed in the hits sent to the log files.


For a normal page load event, parameters starting with “DCS.”, “DCSext.”, or “WT.” will be properly collected by the javascript and sent in the hit to the log files.

When using dcsMultiTrack, the parameters “DCS.dcssip”, “DCS.dcsuri”, “WT.dl” and “WT.ti” will not be passed in the hit if they are not explicitly defined in the dcsMultiTrack function. These parameters and values must be defined in the dcsMultiTrack code in the onclick event. Meta tags containing other parameters with a prefix of “DCS.”, “DCSext.”, or “WT.” such as “WT.z_eaname” or “DCS.Parameter2” will be properly collected.