How do I verify that Webtrends has successfully passed email alert notifications to the Smtp Server?


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


Email alert notifications have been set up but aren’t being received by the intended email recipient. Because of this, you would like to verify that the email notification is being passed to the SMTP Server.


To verify that email was successfully passed to the smtp server You can look at the “wt_sched” database in the table called “dbo.wt_email”.

In SQL Management Studio, navigate to: wt_sched.dbo.wt_email table and note what the emailstatusID is.

The status codes of emailstatusID are as follows:

1 -> pending Send
2 -> pending Retry
3 -> Successfully Sent
4 -> Unsuccessfully Sent

Note: There’s also a log created called “wtEmail-event-yyyymmdd-Webtrends servername.log” located in the \installfolder\logs folder. The logs shows what time the email notification was sent and to whom.

More Information

If you do not have the SQL Server Management Studio installed, this article will provide you with a link to the installer.