How do I stop a custom report from displaying new data?


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


Business needs dictate that a certain custom report, which up until this time has been collecting report data concurrent with the other reports in the profile, will no longer be collecting and displaying future report data. While other reports in the profile will continue displaying current report data as it becomes available, the report in question is intended to remain unaffected by future analyses, yet will not be removed from the profile because the historical report data is still relevant.


To retain the report data, but remove it from analysis, first identify the custom report’s Internal ID, found by navigating to Web Analysis > Report Configuration > Custom Reports and selecting Summary from the drop-down menu. Next, identify the Profile File Name (aka guid) by again selecting Summary from the drop-down menu on the profile under Web Analysis > Reports and Profiles.

Access the profiles folder, located in the following default path on the Webtrends server:


With a text editor, open the .wlp file corresponding to the profile guid and and navigate to the [profile] section.

Add the following line, replacing “Internal ID” with the custom report’s identifier.

Reportonlycustomtableprofiles=Internal ID

Save the changes, and from that point forward the custom report will only display data from last analysis prior to the change.