How do I restrict the availability of report periods for users?


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


You want to have different report periods of a set retention duration available only to certain users. For example, some users should only see the last two months of data whereas other users should only see the last five years.


This capability is not built into Webtrends natively, but a workaround exists, depending on the version of the product being used.

Create separate versions of the profile that specify only the report periods intended to be available to users. For example, for users to have access to either two months or five years, create two versions of the profile.

In this example, one profile would have only the daily and monthly report periods enabled, and a report retention period of zero years, zero quarters, two months, zero weeks and 60 days.
Note: Do not enable weekly report periods. Enabling weekly report periods automatically enables yearly report periods due to weekly buckets only lining up for closure with the end of the year.

The other profile would use default report periods (all) and report retention would be set to five years.

On versions of Webtrends Analytics prior to 8.5, access would be granted to each profile on a per-user basis. For 8.5 and later, assign the profile by role, then place the users into the correct role.

At present, there is no way to limit the available report periods for Webtrends On Demand users.

More Information

Refer to Knowledge Base article 000001786 for information about setting report retention periods.