How do I remove the page titles from a Data Extract?


Webtrends Analytics 9.x


For Data Extracts based on a report that contain either Pages or URL as the dimension, the titles of the pages will also be extracted and placed in a separate column of the extract. Often this is not the desired outcome and the title will need to be removed from the extract.


To remove the title from future extracts, search for the following setting within the wtm_wtx.ini

extractpagetitles = true

change the setting to be:

extractpagetitles = false

If the setting does not exist, place it within the ini file in the [profile] section with a value of false.

Save the file.

From this point forward, extracts will no longer contain the title of the page. If historical extracts need to not have the title, an offline replay needs to be performed. File an OPS request to have this done from the desired date.