How do I populate the Authenticated Username report using the SDC?


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


You are using SDC or Smartsource Data Collector logging and wish to see data in the Authenticated Username report.


The Authenticated Username is populated from a field in the log files labeled cs-username. The javascript tags do not pull this data from the browser by default, but you can populate the field in the log files by passing the override parameter “dcsaut”. This is typically done by using a meta tag on the page, but could be done with some other scripting if desired.

In order to tell the javascript to collect the meta tag on the page, this particular parameter will need to have a prefix of “DCS.” added to it. When the javascript sees this DCS. on the front of the parameter, it will collect the parameter dcsaut and pass the value that you have defined in the hit for the page.

Below is an example of a meta tag with the proper parameter:

Our javascript will not populate the value of the meta tag for you automatically. You will be required to populate the value with the desired username with your own scripting in the “javascript function” section of the meta tag above.If you need assistance in creating a function to populate the tag, our Professional Services team is available for consultation through your Account Manager.