How do I move an installation of Webtrends from one machine to another?


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.7


The Webtrends Relocator tool moves a configuration of Webtrends Analytics from one computer to another by backing up the System Database and configuration component of an existing installation and depositing the backed-up files on a second computer.

Relocating your configuration preserves the data sources, profile configuration, user rights, and other common Webtrends objects that would have to be manually configured in a new installation.

Relocating does not preserve reports or analyzed data. To preserve those elements, copy the appropriate folders to the new installation to maintain the reports and user-configured settings.


The following list of directories should be backed up before relocating an installation with the Relocator.

  • \storage\reports
  • \storage\analysis
  • \storage\backup
  • \storage\config
The Relocator supports both single-computer and distributed installations, although the destination should be a single machine installation when running the Relocator tool. The remainder of the distributed environment can be installed after the Relocator is finished on the destination machine.

Supported Target Operating Systems:
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2003

More Information

The Relocator can be downloaded from the following location (contact Webtrends Technical Support for login credentials):

After downloading the file, extract it onto the machine to be moved. Instructions for using the Relocator can be found in “Instructions” when running the tool.

Further Information
  • The Relocator will not upgrade the product from a lower version to a higher version. To upgrade your software version, perform the upgrade as a separate
  • The Relocator cannot move a Marketing Warehouse installation.
  • The Relocator moves your Webtrends Analytics database files only, including the wtmaster and wt_sched databases and the configuration database. To completely restore the installation, manually back up the Report databases and any Express Analysis files and then copy them to the destination computer where the database will reside.