How do I migrate SDC to another server?


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


You need to migrate the SmartSource Data Collector (SDC) to a new server.


To migrate SDC configurations to the new server, perform the following steps:

1. Install the same version of SDC on the new server.

2. Stop the IIS service on both the new and old SDC servers.

3. On the new server, in the \Webtrends\SmartSource Data Collector\cfg folder, rename the following two files by appending “.default” to their file name:


4. Copy these two files from the same location on the old SDC server to this folder on the new server.

5. Copy any existing logs from the \Webtrends\SmartSource Data Collector\weblogs folder on the old server to the same location on the new server.

6. Update the “var gDomain” and “

7. On the new server, go to Start > Run and type “iisreset” then press Enter.

This completes the migration of the SDC server.

As a final step, login to Webtrends and verify the datasources are still pointing to a valid log file path. For example, if the data sources were pointing to the following path:


Change the path and verify that the weblogs folder is shared on the new SDC so the path reads something similar to the following:


Note: If the new server is replacing the old server in both name and network address, then it will not be necessary to update the paths.

At this point, no further configuration changes should be necessary.