How do I manually modify the start date for a profile outside of the user interface?


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


To update the start date of a profile manually, not through the user interface, perform the steps below.


1. In the Webtrends User Interface, edit the profile and note the “Profile File Name” value for the profile(s) to be modified.

2.Stop all Webtrends services. Please stop the services in the order listed in the Knowledge Base Article Order to stop and start the Webtrends services by version.

3. Navigate to the following location on the Webtrends server:


4. Locate the .wlp file with the same value as the profile file name identified in step 1 and open it in a text editor.

5. Search for the following string:


If the string is not present, add it to the [profile] section.

6. To force the profile to start on a certain date enter the date using a yyyymmdd format:


startprocessingat = 20100101

7. Save the change and restart the services.