How do I delete a table from the FastTrends database?


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


One of the following conditions occurs during analysis of a profile:
  • A table in the profile’s FastTrends database has become corrupted and causes analysis to fail.
  • A table in the profile’s FastTrends database has become too large to trim and is unable to complete analysis.


Assuming that restoring to a backup doesn’t resolve the issue with the corrupted table, or that trimming of the large table is still impossible even if table sizes are reduced, deleting the table may be the only option to allow the profile analyze successfully.

Each table is assigned an incremental Table Number. To identify the Table Number value assigned to a table, navigate to the following location:


Open _dbinfo.csv either in a text editor or with Excel (which should make it easier to read). The first two column headers “Table Name” and “Table Number” appear on or around line 20, followed by each of the tables, as shown in the example below:

Table Name Table Number
TopWeekdays 0
TopHours 1
TopExtensions 2
TopSuffixes 3
TopCountries 4
TopForms 5
TopDownloads 6
TopDocuments 7
TopDirectory 8
TopCompanies 9
TopUsers 10
TopReferers 11
TopBrowsers 12
TopPlatforms 13
TopCities 14
TopStates 15
TopVisitors 16
TopServerErrors 17
TopClientErrors 18
TopFormErrors 19
GeneralStats 20
TechnicalStats 21
ActivityStats 22
TopReferingSites 23
TopBottom 24
TopEntryPage 25
TopExit 26
TopSinglePage 27
ObsoleteTopPaths 28
TopAds 29
TopAdClicks 30
TopAdViews 31
TopSpiders 32
TopNetscape 33
TopExplorer 34
TopUploads 35
TopAuthUsers 36
TopBandwidth 37
TopPaths 38
TopSearchKeywords 39
TopSearchEngines 40
Top404Errors 41
TopSearchKeyPhrases 42
TopSearchPhraseEngines 43
TopContentGroups 44
VisitorTracking 45
NewVsReturningUsers 46
TopEntryRequest 47
TopQueries 48
TopReversePaths 49
TopVisitsByDuration 50
TopViewsPerVisit 51
UserSessionStats 52
TopGeoRegions 53
VisitorsPerVisitCount 54
VisitorGeneralStats 55
TopWAPDevices 56
TopWAPBrowsers 57
TopWAPScreenLines 58
TopWAPResolutions 59
TopWAPCarriers 60
TopWAPImageSupport 61
TopWAPMarkupVs 62
TopWAPScriptSupport 63
TopWAPScriptVs 64
TopPALMDevices 66
TopPALMBrowsers 67
TopPlayers 74
TopQuickTime 75
TopNetShow 76
TopRealPlayer 77
TopHiResStream 78
TopCompanyNames 79
TopStreamConcurrency 80
MedianSessionLength 81
TopContentPaths 82
TopReverseContentPaths 83
TopReferingTLDs 84
TopPages 85
TopToPopularRoutes 86
TopFromPopularRoutes 87
TopBrowserVersions 88

In the example below, the following tables will be deleted from the FastTrends database:
TopSearchKeywords 39
TopSearchEngines 40
TopSearchKeyPhrases 42
TopSearchPhraseEngines 43

1. Open a command prompt window and navigate to the following folder on an analysis node:


Note: On 64-bit operating systems, open a 64-bit command prompt window from “Start” > “Run” and enter “%windir%\syswow64\cmd.exe” (without quotes).

2. Type the following command to run the pre-analysis, which only moves over the FastTrends database and extracts it. The profile guid “lcsiICNu7n5” is used in this example.

analysis preonly wlpfile=lcsiICNu7n5

Replace “lcsiICNu7n5” with the guid of the profile to be modified. Leave the command prompt window open and proceed to the next step.

3. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the following folder:

\modules\analysis\engine\[current version]\wtm_wtx\datfiles\databases\lcsiICNu7n5\

…where [current version] is the version of the Webtrends used.

4. Perform a search for the individual files that collectively form the table. If the tables shown below have been assigned the following Table Numbers:

TopSearchKeywords 39
TopSearchEngines 40
TopSearchKeyPhrases 42
TopSearchPhraseEngines 43

…search for files in the folder which contain the following in the file name:


Delete each file containing the expression.

5. After all related files have been deleted, return to the command prompt window and type the following command:

analysis postonly wlpfile=lcsiICNu7n5

This process recompresses the FastTrends database and moves it back to the location below, overwriting the previous version:


The tables have now been deleted from the FastTrends database and on the next analysis the tables will be recreated, collecting only new data going forward.

Note: Always make a backup before making non-trivial changes to a profile.

More Information

For more information please see the article titled: How do I disable a table?