How do I analyze a profile from the command line in Webtrends Analytics?


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


Issues within the user interface prevent require analysis be done from the command line.


Analyses can be run from the command line using the analysis.bat file, found in the following folder:


The syntax for analyzing from the command line using analysis.bat can be expressed with two arguments. One is to specify the profilename, the other specifies the wlpfile. The value for both of these is the same and can be found by editing the profile in the user interface and looking under Analysis > General > Profile File Name where it will displayed as a mix of upper and lower-case characters and numbers. It can also be found in the WRC_ProfileID column of the wt_profile table in the wtMaster part of the system database.

Example of a Profile File Name: JvyUyv3N9I6

The syntax is as shown in the following example:

analysis wlpfile=JvyUyv3N9I6

For a list of command line analysis options, type “analysis” without arguments.

More Information

If you are running an environment on a 64bit version of Windows, please go to ‘Start’ > ‘Run’ and type in (without quotes) “%systemroot%\syswow64\cmd.exe” in order to launch a 32bit command line console.