How do I add unique visitors to my report?


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.


You want to add a unique visitors measure to your report and want to know the best way to do so.


To get a true value of the number of unique visitors, Webtrends has defined a set of measures based on visitor history. These measures must be paired with appropriate dimensions to get a true unique visitor count. The table below shows these pairings along with the necessary history to enable for each measure.
History to Enable
Time Period
Visitor History
Purchase History
Page of Interest
Page of Interest Visitors
Page of Interest Unique Visitor Tracking
Content Group
Content of Interest Visitors
Content Group Unique Visitor Tracking
Most Recent Campaign(Including Translated Dimensions)
Most Recent Campaign Visitors
Campaign History

More Information

Best Practices:
  • Custom Dimensions are valid when they are based on or translated from the same parameters as one of the predefined Dimensions listed above.
  • When used in 2D reports, the 1stDimension must use an appropriate unique-enabled built-in Dimension (those listed above),and the 2ndDimension must be a translation of the 1stdimension.
  • All unique Measures are provided in daily,weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly time frames. It is required that you apply all time periods to the report definition and report template.This way, the report interface will dynamically select the appropriate time period based on the time frame selected in the report calendar.
  • For visitors across all other dimensional data and time frame combinations, Webtrends Marketing Warehouse is required.

Please Note:

This information is an overview of how to get unique visitors and that there are a significant number of factors involved in order to get accurate reporting. Further assistance in ensuring the efficacy of your reports is strongly suggested. It is strongly suggested you contact your account manager to engage Professional Services.