How can we include specific domain traffic in our reports?


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


To include only data from specific domains, hit filters can be created and applied to a profile by which only activity attributed to the domain(s) in question will appear in report data. To create and apply hit filters to a profile, follow the steps below:
1. In the Webtrends user interface, select “Web Analysis” > “Options” > “Hit Filters” and create a new hit filter.

2. On the General Tab, enter a name for the filter.

3. Select the “Include” radio button.

4. Select the “Include/Exclude activity based upon the following Active Hit Filter Parameters” radio button.

5. Check the box next to “Multi Homed Domain” and click “Next.”

6. Delete the asterisk from the “Multi Homed Domain” box and enter the domain name that you want to include. Separate multiple domains with a space.

7. Click “Next” to review the summary and click “Save” to save the filter.

To add the filter to a profile:
1. In the Administration interface, click on “Web Analysis” > “Reports & Profiles” and edit the profile to which the filter will be applied.

2. Select the “Advanced” tab and select “Hit Filters.”

3. Check the box next to the filter name, then save the changes to the profile.

Filtering of the profile’s data source will apply to report data for all subsequent analyses. If you want to make this filtering retroactive, a reanalysis (replay) of the profile will have to processed. In Webtrends On Premise, this may be done through the Clear and Reanalyze option on the Action menu. In the On Demand environment, please contact Technical Support or your account manager for assistance. Note that reanalyzing the profile in this way will delete backups and report data associated with the profile.

If your visitors cross multiple domains during their visit, and you only include a single domain in any specific profile, note that the visit-based reports in that profile may show inaccurate or misleading information. For example, if your visitors enter the site on main.domain.com and you are including only data from subdomain.domain.com, your Entry Pages report may not reflect the true entry pages (because you are excluding that traffic), and your Search Engine / Phrases reports will reflect little or no search engine activity (because the parts of the visits you are including do not contain that activity). Whenever you segment traffic in ways that might break visits, consider keeping a separate profile with the unsegmented data to better understand behavior across the entire visit.