How can I verify if profile report data has been cleared by a user?


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


A profile appears to have been reset (i.e., reanalyzed), losing historical data, but the reset profile job does not appear in the Scheduled Jobs.


Below are two methods for determining whether or not a profile was reset.

1. Under Web Analysis > Reports and Profiles, click the link for the profile under “Analysis Status.”

2. In the “Status from Job” list (the upper pane), the date and time of each analysis is listed. With this information is is possible to approximate the time of the reset based on knowledge of when the last time good data was seen.

3. Scroll down to the “Status from job sub-tasks” list below.

4. Browse through these entries to the approximate date and time when the profile is believed to have been reset.

5. If the profile was reset, an entry similar to the one below will be listed:

“Profile has been reset.”
“Beginning reset of “

If there is no record of a reset, or if the history has been cleared, the reset of a profile is also documented in the analyzeprofile.vbs-event.logs.

1. Under Web Analysis > Reports & Profiles, Edit the profile in question.

2. Under the General tab, make a note of the “guid” listed in the “Profile File Name” field.

3. On the Webtrends server, navigate to the following folder:


4. Locate the status log with the same name as the guid noted above.

5. Use Wordpad or a similar text editor to open the status log, then scroll down to the bottom for the most recent entries.

6. Scrolling up, look for a date when the most recent StartingDateTime changes to a date earlier than the StartingDateTime that precedes it.

For example:
Apr-10-2009 14:26:28: StartingDateTime = Tue Mar 03 16:00:00 2009
Apr-10-2009 14:26:28: EndingDateTime = Wed Mar 04 16:00:00 2009

Apr-11-2009 14:26:28: StartingDateTime = Sat Jan 01 01:00:00 2009
Apr-11-2009 14:26:28: EndingDateTime = Wed Mar 04 16:00:00 2009

On Apr-11-2009 the StartingDateTime is now earlier than the StartingDateTime on Apr-10-2009. This indicates the reset occurred on this day.

7. On the Webtrends server, navigate to the following folder:


8. Open the analyzeprofile.vbs-event–.log for that day.

9. Search for the profile guid.

An entry similar to the following should be listed:

[5720] May-21-2009 15:31:20 -0700: Profile ID: 115 WRC Profile ID: yFWIL03g0F6
[5720] May-21-2009 15:31:22 -0700: Profile has been reset.