How can I use the top-level directory as a dimension?


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


To use the top-level directory of the cs-uri-stem as a dimension in a custom report, follow the steps below.


1. In the Webtrends user interface, navigate to “Web Analysis > Report Configuration > Custom Reports > Dimensions” and select “New” to create a new dimension.

2. Provide the new dimension with a name and column name, then select “Next” (a category and help card details are optional).

3. Under the “Value to Base On:” drop-down menu, select “Directory,” then select the “Advanced” button below.

4. Select the “Regular Expression (Not compliant with Express Analysis)” radio button, then enter the following:


To test a sample string using the regular expression, select “Test.” The Regular Expression Test screen displays. Enter a string in the “Test String” field, then click “Test” and review the results in the “Substring Result” field below. When finished testing, select “Apply” to return to the Dimension Wizard.

5. Click “Next” to review the Summary information, then click “Save” to save the new dimension.

Add the dimension to applicable reports.
Note: The dimension will not be compatible with Express Analysis.

More Information

To use the second directory in the cs-uri-stem, use the following string as the regular expression: