How can I obtain a list of Table Names and ReportIDs for all the reports on a profile?


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


In order to pull data using a query or automated script, the list of reports table names is needed for every report on a profile.

The Webtrends ODBC driver supports a Table Names query that can display the necessary table names and friendly names of the reports for reference.

Before proceeding, download and install the Webtrends ODBC driver from the Client Components package from the following URL:


Once installed, complete the steps below.

1. Create an ODBC data source using the Windows “ODBC Data Source Administrator” control panel.

For detailed instructions on this process, refer to the “Marketing Lab Programmers Reference” for your version of Webtrends.

2. Open Excel and select the Data tab or menu, then choose to Import External Data / From Other Sources with the “New Database Query” or “From Microsoft Query” option.

3. Select the desired data source.

4. After Excel connects to the data source you’ll be prompted with a list of “Columns” to choose.

5. Click the “Options…” button near the bottom.

7. Ensure the “System Tables” option is checked and click OK.

8. An option for “TableInfo” will now appear in the “Available tables and columns:” list. Highlight it and click the arrow to make it available in the pane on the right.

9. Continue through the steps to import the data into the Excel spreadsheet.