How can Geotrends be added to a Webtrends installation?


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


Geotrends is not currently installed as a component within the Webtrends Analytics installation and you would like to add this functionality.


Installing Geotrends on an existing installation requires a Modify installation. In addition, the Geotrends component requires an additional gigabyte of memory over the minimum requirements. Please verify your installation meets these requirements or the installer will not allow you to put Geotrends on to the machine. Prior to performing a modified installation, it is highly recommended that you perform a full backup of the current installation per the steps outlined in KB 113985 (for versions 8.7d and 9.2x), KB 092905 (for version 8.5) or KB 062367 (for version 8.1a and earlier).

1. Download the latest Geotrends data file appropriate for the installed version by contacting Technical Support:


2. Open Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs

3. Find the entry for Webtrends and select the option to “Change”

4. When the installer opens, choose “Modify.”

If you do not see “Modify” and only see “Remove,” then you will need to download the same version of the installer from our website at the URL above. Run that installer instead of using the Add/Remove Programs option.

5. Click next until you reach the Components page.

6. Select the box for Geotrends (and any additional components you may also want to add at the same time).
Leave the other selections checked unless you wish to uninstall those components.
Note: The installer for version 8.5a has an issue where the “Analysis Engine” checkbox will be automatically cleared. If this machine should be responsible for the analysis, please ensure the checkbox is check or the Analysis Engine will be uninstalled.

7. Continue through the installer until you are prompted for the location of the geotrends.dat file that was downloaded. Browse to the .dat file, select it, then hit next and continue through the installation until it has completed.

Once completed you should see a “Webtrends – Geotrends Server” service in the Services snap-in, as well as a “Geotrends Server” listing in Webtrends under Administration > Application Settings > System Management > Global Roles.

To enable Geotrends on a profile, go to:

Web Analysis > Reports and Profiles > Edit Profile > Analysis > Internet Resolution and enable “Company Location Resolution.”

This will turn on the Geotrends data for future analyzed data. To view historical data with Geotrends a full reanalysis will be required.