Exports of all reports in a template do not include all levels of drilldowns


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


When all reports in a template are selected, exports only include custom report drilldown data up to the second step. This occurs in both manual exports and scheduled jobs.

More Information

This behavior is by design, as selection of an entire template, for the range and number of rows specified, can produce exports containing large volumes of report data. The additional depth, combined with the possibility of multiple drilldowns on a single template, can hamper Webtrends’ ability to successfully generate reports in a timely and consistent fashion, so this limitation has been imposed to provide a summary of the drilldown when the scope of the export is more than just this single report.
As a workaround, a custom drilldown can be exported in its entirety by selecting “Current Report” during a manual export, or by selecting the specific report under the Reports tab when using the Scheduled Report Job Wizard.