Choosing a mobile tagging method


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


If you have a site optimized for mobile content, you can use a normal Webtrends Tag Builder or if you require a custom solution, it might better addressed by the Webtrends Data Collection API. More information and sample client code is available at the following URL*:


Webtrends has developed SDKs for tracking mobile application usage as well. More information is available at the following URLs:





Note: Both solutions require the customer uses a variant of version 9.x of the SmartSource Data Collector (SDC). The version of Webtrends Analytics used with SDC 9.x is not relevant, assuming it is among the currently supported versions of the product.


In addition to those two options, Webtrends now offers a Mobile Site JavaScript tag for On Demand users. You can insert the Webtrends Mobile Site JavaScript tag in two ways: by copying appropriate tag versions to each of your web site pages, or by using server-side includes on appropriate web servers:

Method 1: Copy the Tag to Each Page

Copy the tag to your website pages. To avoid logging hits to pages that do not load completely, and to ensure best performance, place the tag as the last script in thesection.

You can view an example of this method here:


Method 2: Use Server-Side Include Files

To set up the include file and the include statements:

1. Place the include file that contains the JavaScript tag in a location accessible to every page of your site.
2. Place an include statement on all of your website pages. Be sure to use the correct file extensions. For example, if your include file is named code_include.inc and located in the mymobilesite directory, you place the following include statement on your web pages:

**The method depends on your needs, your maintenance practices, and the programming resources available to you. You can typically begin viewing reports 24 hours after the tags are deployed.

**Access to some content on the Webtrends Developer Network requires registration.