Percent figures over 100% in custom reports


Webtrends Analytics 8.x
Webtrends Analytics 9.x


You have created a custom report. The primary measure (1st column) is a list of figures that uses the Method setting of Average (as opposed to SUM or COUNT). The measure automatically appears in the report with a percent column to the right. Some of these percentage figures are over 100%.


This is by design because the percent figure column is calculated against the bottom figure in the report. Normally this bottom figure is a total, but when using the Average method, it is an average of all the other averages in the column above, not a total. As a result, thepercentagefigures to the right of the measures can be greater than 100% of the overall average.
The first measure value is 100. The average value of the entire measure column is 50. Therefore the first measure value produces a percentage of 200% of the overall average.
To resolve this, Select “Disable column total in report” when adding the measure. This will remove the percentage column.