Best practices for daily only profiles


Webtrends Analytics 9.x


It is possible to configure a profile to only have daily report periods. Doing so has significant effects on visit and visitor reporting. Namely that the profile no longer has a way to properly manage visits that span more than one day. Also, any measure that counts on “End of Visit” will not function across days. Furthermore, any other measures on the report will also be treated as “End of Visit” even if they are hit based. Due to this Webtrends has the following recommendations when creating and using daily only profiles.


  • Only create daily only profiles when the goal is to track a large number of hit based values. (i.e. pages)
  • Only add reports to these daily only profiles that use hit based dimensions and measures.
  • When viewing profiles that only have daily report periods, there will still be standard reports that contain visit based information. Do not use this information if you are selecting a time range greater than a day.
  • When creating any report that uses “End of Visit” measures. Only use “End of Visit” measures on that report.

More Information

For more information about report periods, and when you might want to change them: