Assigning local security policies for the Webtrends service account.


Webtrends Analytics 9.x
Webtrends Analytics 8.x


Webtrends’ services are required to be run under a domain user account for the application to successfully install and provide full functionality.


Edit the local security policies on the primary Webtrends machine, other machines in a distributed environment, and all machines with which Webtrends interacts.

To edit the Local Security Policies:

1. Select Start > (Control Panel) > Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy.
2. Expand the tree for Local Policies and select the User Rights Assignment folder.
3. The domain service account will be added to the following policies:
a. Allow log on locally (Windows Server 2003/2008) / Log on locally (Windows XP Professional)
b. Allow log on locally (Windows Server 2003/2008) / Log on locally (Windows XP Professional)
c. Log on as a service
d. Debug Programs
e. Act as part of the operating system (this option is not given to any account by default, and is no longer required in versions 8.5x and later)

Note: The user must be a member of the Administrators group for the services to properly interact with the operating system. The Report Cache Server component (no longer used in version 8.5x forward) relies on the local Administrators group and the service will fail to start if the domain user is not a member of that group.

4. Right-click and select Properties.
5. Select Add user.
6. In the text box, enter the service account name to add, then select Check names. This will verify the account name entered.
7. Click OK.
8. Repeat this process for the other policies on this server, then do the same for all other servers in the distributed environment (if applicable) in addition to all machines on the domain with which the installation interacts.
Ensure the Webtrends services (except for MySQL running under versions 8.0x, 8.1x and 7.x) are all using the domain account.

To configure the Webtrends services, perform the steps below:
1. Click Start > (Control Panel) > Administrative Tools > Services.
2. Right click the “Webtrends – Scheduler Agent” service and select properties.
3. Click the Log On tab.
4. Click This account, and then click Browse.
5. In the text box, enter the Webtrends service account, and then click Check names.
6. Click OK.
7. Enter the password for the account, confirm it, and then click OK.
8. Restart the “Webtrends – Scheduler Agent” service.
9. Repeat the steps above for all Webtrends services (except the Webtrends – MySQL service for versions under 8.5x).

Explicitly add the account that used above to the Administrators group on the server(s) running Webtrends. This is required even if the account is a domain administrator account. In versions under 8.5, the Report Cache Server component relies on the local administrators group and the service will fail to start if the domain user is not a member of that group.

To add the domain account to the Administrators group:
1. Select Start > (Settings > Control Panel) > Administrative tools > Computer Management.
2. Expand Local Users and Groups, then click Groups.
3. Right-click Administrators and select Add to group.
4. Select Add, and in the text box, enter the name of the user account, then select Check names.
5. Click OK, then repeat to close out of the Groups window.

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