Microsoft SQL Server VSS Writer failes to install during installation of Webtrends


Webtrends Analytics 8.5


During installation, an error advising you to examine the Microsoft SQL Server\90\Setup Bootstrap\LOG\summary.txt file displays.

Examination of the log file reveals the following:
Product : Microsoft SQL Server VSS Writer
you see:
Install : Failed


The VSS Writer is a SQL support application that can be difficult to install if other SQL versions have been installed on the server. The solution requires a stand-alone installation of the VSS Writer module.

1. Download the SQL Server 2005 installer file (SQLEXPR32.EXE) from the following URL:


2. Run the SQLEXPR32.EXE installer, but do not proceed with the installation; only go as far as when it has unpacked itself into the temporary folder it creates for itself in the root of the C: drive. The folder will have a guid filename like “f1ce8af1fb8c501aebaa.”

3. Go into the Setup folder and copy a file called SqlWriter.msi to another location, as the main installer file, SQLEXPR32.EXE, will delete this temporary folder when the installation process completes or is cancelled, so it must be copied out while the installer is active.

4. Cancel the SQL Server installation, then run SqlWriter.msi as a stand-alone module. If it declares there is a higher version already installed, remove it using Add/Remove programs in the Control Panel.

After the VSS Writer module has been installed, run the Webtrends installer again. The installation should now complete without issue.