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What is Webtrends Intelligence Suite ROI?

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What is Webtrends Intelligence Suite ROI?
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Last modified: 10/1/2010

CommerceTrends Reporting Server and Reporting Center-Enterprise are powerful solutions for analyzing and forecasting the effectiveness of your Web site. These solutions can be used to track forecast revenue of specific products or pages, and to determine where your most valuable Web site traffic originates. These products are particularly suited to forecasting the revenue and ROI of your online marketing campaigns. CommerceTrends Reporting Server and Reporting Center-Enterprise work as part of a Web Traffic Analysis profile. Log file data is correlated with information you provide about marketing campaigns, and uses that data to create reports that forecast ROI and revenue.

Product profiles and marketing campaign profiles
Analysis is based on two new profiles. Think of them as "sub-profiles" of the current Web Traffic Analysis Profile. Product Profiles are configured to track the forecast revenue that specific product pages on your Web site will potentially generate. In the context of a product profile, "product" loosely describes a product you may be selling, an idea that has some value to your company, or an intellectual product, to name a few.

Marketing campaign profiles are configured to define your marketing campaign initiatives. This information may include referrer or entry pages, cost and duration of the campaign, and the graphic image that represents the campaign. You may choose to use the product profile alone to discover where the most valuable site traffic originates or what its forecast revenue might be. You can use the profiles together to calculate the forecast ROI or revenue for your marketing campaign.

Configuring your Web Site for Maximum Effectiveness
CommerceTrends Reporting Server and Reporting Center-Enterprise rely on information gathered from your log files. Therefore, it is vital that your log files contain the data you wish to analyze. You can optimize your Web site to work more effectively with Webtrends software by configuring pages that track user actions.

The Warehouse: An Overview
The Warehouse is a stand-alone, data storage solution that converts raw web log files into a Webtrends-readable compressed format. The Warehouse also provides a solution for archiving log files. You no longer need to save web server log files since you have already saved the data you need (for future reports) in the database you specify. Additional Information With the release of version 4.0, the name of CommerceTrends Reporting Server was changed to Reporting Center-Enterprise Edition.
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