KnowledgeBase - How do I install SDC v7.0 on the Solaris/Linux platform?

How do I install SDC v7.0 on the Solaris/Linux platform?

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How do I install SDC v7.0 on the Solaris/Linux platform?
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Last modified: 10/1/2010

The following subsections describe installing the SmartSource Data Collector (SDC) on the Linux platform (Red Hat Enterprise Linux only) or Unix platform (Solaris):

SDC is now compatible with Apache HTTP Server version 2.0. This version of Apache contains several core enhancements, and security patches. For more information, visit Support for Apache 1.3 has been discontinued.

On Solaris, Apache 2.0.48 is included as part of the SDC distribution. On Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SDC does not contain Apache. Instead, the SDC installer configures the version of Apache that comes as part of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Before installing the Apache web server shipped with SDC (Solaris), remove any previous installation of the Apache web server.

Complete the following steps to install the SmartSource Data Collector:

1. Change user to root

su root

2. Make a temporary directory.

mkdir <tempdirectoryname>

3. Change to the temporary directory.

cd <tempdirectoryname>

4. Copy the SDC distribution source to the temporary directory.

<source path>/sdc–linux.i586.tar.gz

<source path>/sdc-solaris.sparc.tar.gz

5. Uncompress the source.

tar -zxvf sdc-linux.tar.gz

gzip -cd sdc-solaris.tar.gz | tar xvf

6. Change to the directory containing the SDC software.

cd <sdc- version number>

7. Run installation script.


8. The Welcome Panel introduces the installation.
Note: The installation script prompts for all necessary information.
Press Ctrl-C at any time to interrupt the installation script.

At each script prompt, default values are enclosed in square brackets. Press Enter to accept default values or type an alternate value and press Enter.

For prompts requiring a Yes or No response, the default value is capitalized in square brackets. For example, [Yn] is a yes default and [yN] is a no default. Press Enter to accept the default, or type an n or a y, and press Enter.

For questions requiring a numeric response, type the number followed by Enter. The default value is enclosed in square brackets. For example, [2] means menu item 2 is the default. Press Enter to accept default values or type an alternate value and press Enter.

Press Enter to view the Webtrends license agreement.

9. Read the license agreement carefully.
Press the SpaceBar to scroll the agreement.
Type q to finish viewing the agreement.

10. To accept the agreement, type accept and press Enter.
Any other response implies non-acceptance of the agreement and cancels the installation.

11. Specify the installation directory.

Press Enter to accept the default directory (/usr/local/webtrends/sdc).


Type the directory where the SDC should be installed and press Enter.

12. Confirm the directory.

Press Enter to confirm the directory.


Type n followed by Enter to change it.

13. Press Enter again to advance to the next prompt.

14. (Solaris only) Specify the web server that you are using by typing the number corresponding to Apache, followed by Enter.
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