KnowledgeBase - How do I create a campaign in Webtrends versions 6.x - 7.0?

How do I create a campaign in Webtrends versions 6.x - 7.0?

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How do I create a campaign in Webtrends versions 6.x - 7.0?
For products:
Webtrends Enterprise 7.0
Webtrends Professional 7.0
Webtrends Small Business 7.0
Webtrends Reporting Center Enterprise 6.x

Last modified: 1/1/2011

Campaigns offer the ability to track visitors from a specific referrer or advertisement as they navigate the web site. Campaigns are commonly used in conjunction with custom reports to provide data for revenue or registrations, in which the visitor has used a specific campaign.

Campaigns can be implemented using the following Smart Tags:

WT.mc_n is the Smart tag used for campaign name.
WT.mc_id is the Smart tag for Campaign ID. Campaign ID is used to associate revenue and costs across campaigns. Example: WT.mc_id=12345321
WT.mc_t is used for campaign type and requires WT.mc_n to be present on the same line.
WT.mc_r is used to indicate how long a campaign is "active". This is for use with Visitor History and the "Active Campaign Duration" value.

A Campaign parameter only needs to appear at some point during the visit. If multiple campaign values are passed in the same visit, the last campaign value is used. Campaigns using Smart tags do not need to be created in the user interface as well (like scenario analysis).

Campaigns care created using the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Web Analysis > Report Configuration > Campaigns.
  2. Select the New Campaign definition button, provide a campaign name, and select the desired campaign category.
  3. Select either Referrer or Entry page as the tracking type.
  4. Provide Page Expression and save.

Note: When defining a Campaign using the Webtrends interface, the campaign must be applied to the profile.
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