KnowledgeBase - Can I delete the files in \Webtrends\modules\tools\temp?

Can I delete the files in \Webtrends\modules\tools\temp?

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Can I delete the files in \Webtrends\modules\tools\temp?
This folder is used by Webtrends Analytics as a workspace to create the backups.  Any files in this directory will either be a backup in the process of being created, or a failed backup.  In the first case we do not want to interrupt it, but in the latter we can clear the files out since they are of no use.

Before using this document to resolve disk space issues, you should reference and proceed through the steps in the KB article "Best practices for maintaining a Webtrends installation".

To clear the files out from here you first need to make sure the Scheduler Agent is stopped.  After stopping it you may want to wait a moment or two and monitor for any changes in the file sizes in that folder before making any changes.  Once the service is stopped and no more changes take place you can safely delete the files from this location.
See the KB article "Best practices for maintaining a Webtrends installation" for more information on keep Webtrends up and running long term.
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