KnowledgeBase - Why is the bounce rate measure not visible in my report?

Why is the bounce rate measure not visible in my report?

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You have created a report that includes the "Bounce Rate" measure, or added the "Bounce Rate" measure to an existing report. When viewing the report, you can see other measures, but cannot see the "Bounce Rate" measure.

When reviewing the template configuration, the template is set to make the "Bounce Rate" measure visible, but either the "Single Page View Visits" measure or the "Entry Page Visits" are not configured to be visible.


The "Bounce Rate" measure is a calculated measure based on both the "Single Page View Visits" measure and the "Entry Page Visits" measure. Both must be included and visible in the template settings in order for "Bounce Rate" to be visible. If the checkbox to include "Bounce Rate" is checked, but either of the two measures used to calculate "Bounce Rate" are unchecked, then "Bounce Rate" will still not be visible in the report.


Make sure that all three measures are included in the template settings.

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