KnowledgeBase - Visit statistics are higher in Webtrends Reporting Center 6.0x and Webtrends Log Analyzer 8.0x than in a previous products

Visit statistics are higher in Webtrends Reporting Center 6.0x and Webtrends Log Analyzer 8.0x than in a previous products

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Last modified: 9/1/2010

As the default tracking method, in Webtrends Reporting Center 6.0x, Webtrends Log Analyzer 8.0x, and Webtrends Log Analyzer Advanced 8.0x, Webtrends now uses the IP address, concatenated with the User Agent to determine the identity of the visitor. Adding the User Agent to the IP will result in higher, but more accurate, unique visitor counts. With a large number of Internet service providers using a small number of proxy IP addresses to provide customers with Internet access, it is possible that a high number of users can be shuttled through the same IP address. To distinguish these users, Webtrends has utilized the data in the User Agent field, which includes the browser and operating system. With this data appended to the IP address, Webtrends can easily identify users who have been shuttled through the same proxy IP address, but have different system configurations. Solution If you wish to disable this feature and use only the IP address, follow the directions below:

1. Create a new Session Tracking definition.

a. Add a new session tracking item, choosing Use IP/User Agent Combination. (In versions before 6.0b/8.0b, this option was simply "Use IP Address".)

b. Make a note of the Description for this new Session Tracking definition.

2. Edit the default.ini file, which is found in the following location: [Webtrends directory]\wtm_wtx\datfiles\sessiontracking

3. Under the section, [sessiontrackingprofile], for the Session Tracking definition you are using, which is best located by the description noted in Step 1c, add the following key: useipagent = false

4. Save the default.ini file.

5. Stop and restart the Webtrends Reporting Center services.

6. Add the new Session Tracking method as either the default for all profiles or apply it to the appropriate individual profiles.

7. Any new data for Top Visitors will only be tracked by IP address. Any prior data, which used the IP address and User Agent combination requires re-analysis to correctly utilize the new Session Tracking method.
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