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Webtrends Legacy Products
For products:
Webtrends Analysis Suite 7.0x
Webtrends Log Analyzer 7.0x

Last modified: 10/5/2010

The Webtrends product is unable to convert to an Microsoft Excel formatted report when custom macros exist in the Excel product. This is a confirmed issue only on Windows 2000 but may also exist on Windows XP.

Remove the custom macros from the Microsoft Excel program directory. Below is one location in which the majority of custom macros reside, however, this may not be the only directory and the Microsoft help documentation should be consulted for other directories:

\WINNT\profiles\%username%\application data\Microsoft\excel\Xlstart\???.xls

...Where WINNT may be replaced by the particular directory or operating system directory currently installed, and where ???.xls refers to the possible custom macro filenames. If unsure about deleting files, either rename or move the file to a new location.
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