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Weekly Reporting Periods not available in 2010

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Weekly reporting periods are no longer available for selection or display for report data in 2010. This only occurs when profile(s) are using ISO-8601 calender rules.
This issue was resolved in the Webtrends On Demand environment with a maintenance release on Jan 22nd, 2010. Webtrends software customers using version 8.7d can resolve this issue by applying Service Pack 2 to their installations.

Webtrends 8.7d Service Pack 2 can be downloaded by contacting Webtrends Technical Support: 

This issue has been identified as cosmetic, and does not in any way affect analysis of data or metrics. The current workaround is to change the profile configuration to use Standard rules instead of ISO-8601. This will allow the Weekly reporting periods to be selectable for display.  This will result in the numbering for the Weekly periods to be pushed 1 week ahead, i.e., Week 1 shows as Week 2, Week 2 shows as Week 3, etc. When using this workaround, ensure that "Monday" is selected as the starting day of the week.

To change a profile to use Standard rules perform the following steps:

In the user interface, navigate to Web Analysis > Reports and Profiles, and edit the affected profile(s).

Select Reports > Report Periods and click the radio button for "Use Standard Rules"

From the Report Week Starts On drop-down menu, select "Monday"
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