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JDBC error when accessing the Webtrends user interface

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Webtrends Analytics 8.5
Webtrends Analytics 8.7
When trying to view the Webtrends user interface, you receive the following error.

Message: The Scheduler database specified in the web.xml file (jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://SERVERNAME:1433;DatabaseName=wt_sched)
could not be accessed for the following reason:
Database not available at "jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://SERVERNAME:1433;DatabaseName=wt_sched".
One way to resolve this is to reinstall the user interface by completely replacing the components that comprise it using the following steps:
1. Perform a modified installation and remove the user interface component.
2. Navigate to the \Webtrends\common folder.
3. Delete the \uiserver, \jakarta-tomcat, and \webroot folders.
4. Run a modified installation and re-add the user interface component.

The reason the files need to be deleted is because the modified installation will only replace files that are older than the ones in the installer package. Deleting these files will ensure that new copies of these files are created.

For Webtrends Analytics 8.5 and below, please also read the article on "Database not available at "jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://SERVERNAME:1433;DatabaseName=wt_sched""


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