KnowledgeBase - What issues have been resolved with the release of Webtrends Reporting Center 6.0a?

What issues have been resolved with the release of Webtrends Reporting Center 6.0a?

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Last modified: 1/1/2011

With the release of Webtrends Reporting Center 6.0a, the following issues have been resolved:
  • Added explicit support for Apple's Safari browser type.
  • Visitors Trend could show Unique Visitors Without showing the Visit.
  • Sales History by Campaign was not displaying correct values.
  • 'PUT' requests were not being tracked under Most Uploaded Files.
  • Added table trimming to Custom Reports tables.
  • Custom Date Range reports were selectable, but showed no data if daily reports were not enabled. Daily reports are required for custom report ranges.
  • In some cases, the most active and least active dates had no data in custom date range report.
  • Regular expression was not applied correctly in custom dimensions.
  • Activating with legacy serial numbers was not working correctly.
  • Some licensing functions did not work on machines with multiple NICs.
  • There were issues with table rendering in Top Organizations and Domain Names.
  • The wrong date ranges were displayed when exporting custom date range report to Excel, Word, .csv, or .pdf.
  • Stopped displaying 'Page has no title' in reports.
  • Added full support for Netscape 7.0.
  • Multiple server profiles connecting to Warehouse databases were non-functional.
  • Popular Routes reports were only available if tracking by cookie. They should be available for anything except by IP address.
  • A JavaScript error occurred when editing a profile if there were quotation marks (") in the wtm_wtx.ini file.
  • Filters added after initial analysis were not being saved on Express Analysis profiles.
  • In WRC 6.0 - Paths Analysis stopped working if maxanalysisdays was reached.
  • Upgrading from WRC version 5.0x to version 6.0 set session tracking default back to IP address. 6.0a does not.
  • The Webtrends Document Utility was giving an error of "Microsoft Word Err=1051; This is not a valid measurement." when creating a word document in comparative report mode.
  • WRC - If JRE 1.4 was installed and enabled, it required report viewers to log in repeatedly.
  • The Visitors Dashboard report had some un-translated elements when viewed in languages other than English.
  • Added the ability to use the WT.ti parameter to collect page titles without having to enable page titles in the profile.
  • In WRC 5.0e - Domain Profile Generator (DPG) fails if it found no domains in first split the profile. This was resolved in the 6.0a version of Data Source Splitter.
  • Average Time to Serve Pages was missing in Technical section of Table of Contents.
  • Exceptionally long referrer strings caused analysis hang on the Linux versions.
  • Improved performance of large .csv exports.
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