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Problem logging into Webtrends

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Webtrends On Demand
You are having problems logging on to Webtrends On Demand.

Here is a list of common problems/solutions:

Issue 1:

Problem: Your password was reset and you are having problems logging in

Solution: Use rather than to log in. Log in using your normal credentials.

Issue 2:

Problem: Your account was just created, but you are not able to log in because the link expired or something caused the process to not work correctly.

Solution:  Contact your Webtrends account administrator and have them delete and recreate the account. The initial validation link is only sent when the account is created. Resetting the password will not resend the validation link. The recommended technique is to rename the existing account logon before deleting it so the same username can be used with the recreated account.

Issue 3:

Problem: Your password was reset but you haven’t received the mail.

Solution: Check your email spam filter. Webtrends typically sends the mail out within a few minutes of the actual reset.

Issue 4:

Problem: You received the password reset mail but the button is missing or doesn’t work.

Solution: Make sure your email client is set to download images and allow you to click a button in the mail. Many mail applications block HTML content in an email.
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