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How to troubleshoot issues with improperly loading Heatmaps

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When a Heatmap enabled page is selected from within a profile, a new window/tab is generated in your browser. This will load the underlying page, retrieve the Heatmap data for the time period selected, and overlay the page.  Each time a change is made to the selected data or view type, the Heatmap must be generated and there will be a delay while it is prepared and delivered. The Heatmap will load in horizontal bars and may load out of sequence from top to bottom. If one fails to load click the “Update” button to refresh. Sometimes it does not load the data or show the underlying page.
Issue #1
No data for time selected

A) When the Heatmap page requested shows no data for time period selected the first step is to remove the comparison date from the interface. Since the interface defaults to date comparisons switch to the 7 day view and allow a minute for the data to load.

B) The exact URL needs to be used in Heatmaps. This may not be the same URL you see in the reports due to the ending filename being hidden. For example. for the URL you will see this in the reports:

But in Heatmaps, you need to add the filename.

You can see which filenames are hidden by logging into Analytics 9, editing the profile in question, and navigating to Analysis > Home > Home Page File Names.

C) If no data loads and the homepage file name is set correctly check the tagging on the page. For an on-click event on the Heatmaps enabled page you should see the following parameters in the hit:

WT.hm_x            Click x-coordinate
WT.hm_y            Click y-coordinate
WT.hm_w           Width of browser screen
WT.hm_h            Height of browser screen
WT.hm_el           Lightweight fingerprint of DOM element that was clicked

If they are not present it is possible that you have not added the Heatmaps plugin to the JavaScript tag. It can be added when creating a V10 tag from the TagBuilder site. Heatmaps is not supported in the V9 tag.

Issue #2
Heatmap overlays are not centered on the page after they loads.

Heatmaps are designed to return hit density on a center justified page. If the page is not center justified it will not display correctly. Also sometimes Heatmap data will load with the overlay justified to the left. Re-size the browser window till the Heatmap overlay is the same size as the window. It should now show the correct click overlay density.

Issue #3
The Heatmap overlays load but the page below cannot be accessed.

If the page is a secure site that requires a login it will not load unless you are within that secure environment.

Issue #4
The Heatmap overlay loads but the iframe page does not load

This can occur when the site has an iframe blocker enabled. Disabling this will allow the page to load.

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